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Ken, Kandee and Kollin Dembeck

What is happening to Fundamental Baptist Churches?

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It might seem unusual for a youth minister/pastor to spend 25 years at the same local church, but that is exactly what Kenneth (Ken) Dembeck has done.

About The Pastor

Calvary Baptist Church

Ken Dembeck moved from Baltimore, Maryland to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in his late teens. While in Fort Lauderdale, he was saved and also married his wife, Kandice (Kandee). Ken and Kandee moved north from Fort Lauderdale and found Calvary Baptist Church. It was at Calvary that he was called into the youth ministry. A missionary to Korea came to the church and was speaking of the world being full of kids needing to hear about Jesus. "I told my wife I could do that," he said. The husband and wife team soon found themselves in Lynchburg, Virginia where both had received scholarships from Liberty University.

After the Dembecks graduated from Liberty University, Robert Mullis, Pastor of  Calvary Baptist Church, asked Ken to come back to Calvary to work with the teens for a little while. Ken and Kandee have been at Calvary ever since. Pastor Dembeck never felt called to go anywhere else. In January 2014, Ken Dembeck became Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church. The founding Pastor of Calvary Baptist, Robert Mullis, passed the "mantle" of leadership to him.

Ken and Kandee have one son, Kollin, who is a student at Pensacola Christian College, Pensacola, Florida.

The Dembecks live in Lady Lake, FL.