service schedule

  • Sunday School             9:45

  • Sunday AM                 10:45

  • Sunday PM                   6:30

  • Wednesdays                 7:00

Wednesdays at Calvary

weekly @ 7pm

as we learn to live like Christ, Love like Christ, and Lift up Christ. 


Sunday School             9:45

Sunday AM Worship  10:45

Sunday PM Worship    6:30

Wednesdays                 7:00

join us

Youth meet in the Fellowship Hall where they sing, play games, and hear a message from the Bible.

Occasionally, Wednesday youth meetings will be held outside in the field or bus barn.

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Calvary Baptist Church is a local congregation of Christians who believe the Bible, God's Word, should be our final authority. It teaches us how to live, how to treat others, how to have a relationship with our Creator, but perhaps most importantly, it tells us what happens after death. The Bible says there is a real Heaven and a real Hell, and your soul will go to either one or the other.


Phone: 352.787.7673



3740 Eagles Nest Rd

Fruitland Park, FL 34731

Adults meet in the main auditorium for fellowship, prayer, and a Bible study.

where will you spend eternity?


There is always friendly child care for infants and toddlers with experienced workers taking care of the little ones.


office hours

Tuesday - Friday            8:30am - 4:00pm

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All kids from kindergarten to 6th grade have Bible Clubs on Wednesday nights. They memorize Scripture, have a Bible lesson, sing songs, and periodically visit the adult service to sing and quote their memory verses.

"Wednesday services are like a spiritual checkpoint in the middle of my week."

​- faithful member of Calvary